About Us

Our singular goal at Goods Beast is to make our customers feel like KINGS and QUEENS in our store, while also providing awesome products at affordable prices. In other words, we want to treat you like Royalty!
We've created the Goods Beast Store because we're tired of seeing online stores with clunky and unintuitive designs that drive us crazy and offer thousands of boring products at ridiculous prices. We believe that having a store with a unique yet smaller selection of awesome items at prices that everyone can afford, combined with a hassle-free checkout process, is what makes shopping fun and enjoyable! That's why we strive to make your experience in our store as straightforward, quick and easy as possible, so you can get the items you want without any hassle.

Our first and most important priority is customer satisfaction. 

Goods Beast represents all the great beasts in the world. The Lion and Lioness are always the KING and QUEEN of any environment they're in, and they naturally want only the best the world has to offer. We want YOU to feel like a KING or QUEEN in our Goods Beast Store because we believe you deserve the best. We know one thing for sure: Happy and satisfied customers are what makes any business successful.

That's why we always put the customer first and proudly offer our Satisfaction Guarantee!


We're so confident you'll love our goods that we offer 100% FREE SHIPPING on all our items (except for rare times we do special promotions). We also have a hassle-free 30-day Money Back Guarantee, as well as a 100% satisfaction promise. If you don't like something you bought, send an email to owner@goodsbeast.com within 30 days and tell us why. If we can't solve the problem, we'll issue you a full refund!


Don't hesitate to go to the "Contact Us" page and send us an email!
Happy shopping!
Andy, Goods Beast CEO