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flexi rod set
flexi rods set
flexi rods
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Flexi Rods 42PCS

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It's finally possible to achieve gorgeous and bouncy curls without applying any heat or damage to your hair! Our soft flexi rods are lightweight and perfect for making your hair curly without any pins and needles!

woman using flexi rods

Now you can get the famous salon-quality look in the comfort of your own home, without having to spend a fortune on professional help!

flexi rod curls

Our Flexi Rod Set comes in pieces of different thickness and is made to accommodate any hair type. Flexi rod curls are easy to use on dry or wet hair and produce a multitude of results depending on the size, hair moisture, and length of time you leave them in.

flexi rod set

It's finally time to get rid of your curling iron and save your hair from unnecessary heat damage! With our curling flexi rods, you'll get even better quality curls in half the time!

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Benefits Of Flexi Rods

  • Easy to Use: Bring on curls in mere minutes! Curl hair without incurring any damage. Simply bend, twist and roll to effortlessly create beautiful, bouncy curls.
  • Reliable and Stable: No pins or clips needed
  • Always Enough: You'll have more than enough flexi rod curls for a head full of hair to create curls and waves of different size and styles.
  • Flexi Rods On Natural Hair: The flexi rods are perfect for all hair types wet or dry, natural or colored.
  • Different Size Flexi Rod Set: 6 of each 7 kind rod size 2.0cm, 1.8cm, 1.6cm, 1.4cm, 1.2cm, 1.0cm, 0.8cm, the color is random.

how to use flexi rods on natural hair

How To Use Flexi Rods:

  • Start with a small section, apply styling product from root to tip and make sure that the section is properly detangled.
  • Wrap the ends first and rotate your hair around the same area 1-2 times.
  • Space the strands close together for a tight curl & further apart for a looser curl. Fold the ends to secure the flexi rods.
  • Always allow your hair to dry completely before taking down. Air dry or use a dryer.
  • To take down, unravel in the opposite direction. Twirl the ends of curl around your finger to eliminate frizz.
  • Use a hair pick to lift and fluff your roots!


  • Quantity: 42pcs
  • Type: Bendy Rollers
  • Size: 18cm (7.1 inches)
  • Applicable hair: All type hair
  • Material: Foam

What's Included:

  • 42 x Flexi Rods

flexi rod curls box measurements