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Blackhead Removal Tool - DeepClean™

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Are you struggling with multiple blackheads on your face? Have acne or coarse pores on your face? Then get the best blackhead removal tool on the market - DeepClean™!

Here's the truth: Expensive skin treatments and beauty products can cost a person a small fortune and still cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. 

But now you can get clear and flawless skin without exposing it to harsh chemicals and painful "beauty" treatments at expensive salons. Use DeepClean™ -- the best DIY blackhead remover tool, to pull out all the dirt and debris, and get cleaner pores, no matter where you are!

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The Diamond Microdermabrasion tool has vacuum suction to penetrate deeply into your skin and gently remove all blackheads and acne-causing debris and oil. The blackhead popper tool also removes any dry skin flakes and even reduces fine lines as well as wrinkles, correcting discolorations and pigmentation to provide you with healthy and radient skin!

DeepClean™ pimple remover tool comes with everything you need to get better-looking skin in no time at all. It has three suction modes and five different functional heads to rejuvinate your skin and uncover your true beauty.

Blackhead Removal Tool Features:

  • Multi-function: This blackhead extractor vacuum tool exfoliates skin, removes dry skin flakes, debris and blackheads and stimulates collagen production. It also improves blood circulation and skin elasticity, refreshing your skin, among many other things. 

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  • Simple Intuitive Design: Just one button controls blackhead removal tool suction strength, modes and everything else according to your requirements.
  • Professional-Level Facial Skin Cleansing: The DeepClean™ - Blackhead Removal Tool cleans all the sensitive areas of your face effortlessly. It includes 5 replaceable functional heads with different functions to fit your skin’s needs.

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  • Small and Portable: Simply charge the DIY blackhead remover through any USB charger or device and use it anywhere you want. The cordless design makes it perfect for travel and home use.
  • 100% Safe: The Blackhead Remover Tool  is made from eco-friendly, food-grade ABS materials and doesn’t irritate or damage your skin. The built-in LED lights indicate intensity, ensuring a flawless face cleansing experience.

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How to use: First, steam your face for 3 to 5 minutes so as to open your pores up. After that choose the right functional head for your new Blackhead Removal Tool, as per your need. Next, set it to the desired suction mode and gently move the suction head on your skin. Be careful not to stay in one place for more than 3 seconds so you don't cause any "hickies" from the suction. Finally, wash your face and apply a skin toner to close the pores up.

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