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Cat Carrier Backpack Pouch

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Traveling with cats can be traumatic because they struggle, scratch and try to run!

The Cat Carrier Backpack Pouch makes traveling with your cat or small dog a breeze!

Just slide the fully adjustable collar over your kitty, zip it up from behind, and voila! A perfectly comfy, safe and calming space for your cat to hang out while you carry it around.

To top it all off, this comfy cat chest carrier also doubles as a grooming sack! We all know that clipping claws can be a nightmare. That's why the Cat Carrier Backpack Pouch has an innovative paw opening to help you groom your kitty in peace and comfort.

The cat carry pouch is made from water-resistant, scratch-proof soft canvas material that feels super comfortable to the touch.

Veterinatians say crates and cages significantly increase the stress levels in cats, leaving them very scared. The Cat Carrier Backpack Pouch is the perfect way to transport your pet in a safe environment, while keeping it calm, safe and secure.

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  • Soft carrier pouch for cats and small dogs, perfect for transporting pets.
  • Made from a rip-resistant canvas material that prevents scratches and sharp nails from poking through.
  • Shoulder strap sling for easier carrying to keep your kitty close to your body.
  • Functions as a grooming sack for clipping nails, bathtime, or administering medicine without making your pet anxious.
  • Adjustable collar that fits ANY and ALL cats. Two small Velcro openings for the front paws for comfortable grooming.
  • Allows your cat or small dog to see their surroundings, keeping them at ease and preventing stress.
  • The top strap is easily securable with a seatbelt, to keep your pet safe and secure.
  • Machine washable and water resistent to last you for ages!

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