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Cat Shelves For Windows

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There's little else cats love more than a cozy spot near a sunny window. Make your cat's day with our Cat Shelves For Windows and fix them up with the ultimate sunny location so they can observe the outside world without fear.

cat using shelves for windows

Our cat wall shelves are very durable, include powerful suction cups, strong steel wires, and claw-proof cover fabric.

cat wall shelves for doors and windows

You can easily attach it to any hard surface like ceramics, wood, glass, metal, and so much more. Your kitty will love you for building them multiple ledges to sit on around the home!

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Our cat shelves for windows allow your cat to bask in the sunlight and to watch the outside world without any interruptions. Perfect for curious and smart felines!

Cat Shelves For Windows Benefits

  • Easy To Install: Simply connect the inner hammock rods, put the cover over, attach the suction cups to the wires and then attach the whole thing to any hard surface! All it takes is a couple of minutes.
  • Robust: Completely cat-proof. The fabric is claw-proof, the steel wires are impossible to cut without tools and the suction cups will last longer than the earth itself. Built to last many years.
  • One Size Holds All: It can easily hold two cats or multiple kittens and bears up to 45 pounds (20 kilos)
  • Spreads Feline Joy: Build multiple cat wall shelves around the house and watch your cat go explore them and get to all the hard to reach spots with ease.
  • Cats Love It: Our Window Cat Shelf offers higher ground that cats love and feel very safe on. 


  • Feature: Breathable
  • Material: Oxford Farbric
  • Max Weight: 45 Lbs (20 Kg)
  • NOT Sold in Pet Stores!

What's Included:

1 x Cat Shelves For Windows - HangingHammock Kit

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