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Cat Window Perch Seat

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Make your cat's day and let them bask in the sun and rest comfortably with the best view in the house, in our famous Cat Window Perch Seat!

cat window perch

Cats love to chill out in high, difficult-to-reach places because it makes them feel safe. Especially if it's an enclosed space. That's why your cat will absolutely adore our lovely Cat Window Bed!

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Our cat window bed is durable, super soft and very comfortable. It includes three powerful suction cups which make it impossible for your cat to detach the window perch.

the most comfortable cat window perch bed seat in the world

In fact, our cat perch is the most comfortable cat window bed and seat in the whole world. Because it's lined with lambskin and oxford cloth, as well as soft felt. Your cat will simply fall in love with it and make it their favorite spot in the home.

Cat Window Perch Seat Benefits

  • Robust: Our cat window seat is bite-proof, scratch-proof and tear-proof. It's physically impossible for cats to detach the three powerful suction cups from a glass surface.
  • Easy To Install: Soak the suction cup in warm water for 3 minutes, clean the glass from any dust or dirt, and stick on the suction cups. That's it.
  • Versatile: Works on all smooth and hard surfaces like ceramic, wood, marble, metal, glass, and more.
  • Spreads Feline Joy: Cats love nothing more than to lazily chill out in warm and cozy highground places where they feel safe.
  • Easy To Clean: The entire cat window seat bed is machinewashable and is easy to clean.

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  • Material: Oxford Farbric
  • Color: Green, Gray
  • Size: 23.22 x 8.66 x 5.12 inches (59 x 22 x 13cm)
  • Maximum load: 22 Lbs (10kg)
  • Suitable for: Glass, marble, ceramic, walls and other smooth surfaces.

What's Included:

  • 1 x Cat Window Perch Seat

 cat window bed package