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Chic Bangle Bracelet Flask

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Take your drink with you no matter where you go, with the Chic Bangle Bracelet Flask - the ultimate utilitarian fashion accessory!

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The creative 2-in-1 design of our wearable bangle bracelet flask means it's both a chic and stylish bracelet you can wear on the wrist... and a travel liquor container... so you can take your favorite beverage with you anywhere, discreetly! 

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It's suitable for any type of drink or alcohol and holds up to 100ml (3.4 oz). The silicone insert in the lid ensures there are zero leaks!
bangle bracelet flask
Perfect for all sorts of activities like hiking, camping, yoga sessions, outdoor recreation, parties, the bar, casino, cruises or any occasion where you might want to sneak in your own nip of liquor. It's also the ultimate solution for a fun night out on the town with friends! Just remember to share a sip!
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Chic Bangle Bracelet Flask Benefits

  • Take It Anywhere: It's completely inconspicuous so you can take your drink with you anywhere, anytime!
  • No Spills: The silicone insert in the lid ensures you'll never spill your drink.
  • One Size: Fits 99% of people and is easy to wear.
  • Versatile: You can put wine, whiskey, vodka, or even just apple juice in it, if you prefer.
  • Stylish and Chic: Impress all your chic friends with this new fashion statement. 

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  • Capacity: 3.4 oz (100ml)
  • Dimensions: Inner diameter - 2.7 in. (6.8 cm.) Outer diameter - 4 in. (9.95 cm.).

What's included:

1 x Creative Bangle Bracelet Flask

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