coconut opener
Coconut Opener
Coconut Opener
coconut opener for straw
coconut opener on table
coconut opener measurements

Coconut Opener

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Extract Coconut Water Effortlessly with this easy to use Coconut Opener tool. Gone are the days of struggling to open and drink a young coconut. 

coconut opener demo

Most people open coconuts by hitting them really hard with a sharp knife - that's DANGEROUS!!

easily open with coconut opener

The Coconut Opener makes a hole in the top of the coconut perfect for inserting a straw.

Save your fingers!


  • Easy to use
  • Safe
  • Never gets dull
  • Tap into coconut in seconds 
  • Dishwasher safe
using coconut opener
    1. PUSH - Stick the opener into the top of the coconut
    2. TWIST - Rotate/twist the opener back and forth/ left & right while applying downwards pressure
    3. DRINK! - It will cut through the Coconut, gently pull the opener out of the coconut, insert Straw, Drink!

    how to use coconut opener instructions


    • Material: Stainless steel
    • Size: 12.5 x 9.5 cm

    coconut opener measurements


      • 1 x Coconut Opener

      coconut opener