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Curl Sponge Glove - Curlz™
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Curl Sponge Glove - Curlz™

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Embrace your curls and set your hair perfectly like a pro with the Curl Sponge Glove Curlz™! how to use curl sponge glove

These gloves are adjustable, flexible and fit any palm size. You can set your curly hair flawlessly in just a few minutes! 


  • Curls In Minutes: 
  • Works well on any hair, but use thecurl sponge brush gloves on slightly damp hair for best results.

  • Eco-Friendly:
  • The curl sponge is made of environmentally-friendly material.
  • Safe: 
  • The curl sponge is soft and skin-friendly and does not cause any damage to hair or scalp.

  • Great For Everyone:
  • Get your hair twisted anywhere and anytime - suitable for both women and men, and even kids!



  • 1 x Curl Sponge Glove