Ear Wax Removal Candle - EasyBreeze™ 10 Pcs
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Ear Wax Removal Candle - EasyBreeze™ 10 Pcs

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Treat yourself to this ancient ear therapy and keep your ears clean and healthy, with the Ear Wax Removal Candle EasyBreeze™!

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Don't insert cotton swabs directly into your eardrum because this method is very dangerous and not even effective at cleaning. Because it pushes wax back into the drum and can clog up your ears.

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When you use an earwax candle, an ancient technique that's been used to cleanse the inner ear for centuries in India, there's zero risk of clogging your ears or getting an infection.

Ear Wax Removal Candle Features:

  • 100% natural ingredients: Our earwax candles are handmade with natural beeswax, essentials oils and organic bleached cotton. They're the most effective and safest way to cleanse your ears and they contain zero chemicals, pesticides or harmful ingredients!
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  • Ancient Method: Natural, age-old way to completely revitalize your ear without using damaging cotton swabs. Ear candling can relieve ear aches, sinus infections and sinus pressure. And earwax candle is also known to significantly improve hearing especially for older people who have trouble hearing.

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  • Revitalize yourself: Helps relieve earaches, sinus infections and sinus pressure, aiding sinusitis, releasing blocked energy, relieving pressure points of tension, etc. In fact, there are too many ear candling benefits to name! You'll feel a relaxed sensation after every sesssion. Treat yourself to an easy therapy at the comfort of your own home. 
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Earwax Candle Specifications:

Materials: Natural BeeWax, Natural essential oils & organic bleached cotton
Size: 0.8cm x 23cm (Approx. 9.06")


  • 10 x Earwax Candle