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Electric Mouse Trap - Dratty™

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Are rats and mice annoying you or destroying your food and other things? Then get rid of them quickly, humanely and effectively by using the new Electric Mouse Trap called Dratty™!

Just place a piece of food that a rodent would like into the electronic mouse trap and wait. As soon as the pest enters the electronic rat trap, it'll get zapped by high-voltage electricity, killing it instantly in a humane way. Then you simply dump the rat directly into the trashcan. 

 electronic rodent zapper

The electric rat trap is a hassle-free, quick and easy way to get rid of those pesky rats and mice invading your home, garage, storage, office, warehouse and other locations. It's currently the best rat trap on the market because you don't have to reset it and can get rid of multiple rodents all at once.

Features of the Best Electric Mouse Trap:

  • Easy To Operate: Simply put some food or bait into the electronic rat trap, plug the device in and turn it on. Gets rid of rats, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, and other small rodents. Use it in warehouses, factories, offices, hotels, garages, houses, and any other place where rat and mice problems are common.
  • Powerfully Shocking: This electronic mouse trap gives off a strong electric shock that kills rats in an instant. The powerful 7000V electric shock is strong enough to get rid of any small rodent, which is a perfect alternative to using dangerous and toxic chemicals and rat poisons.
  • No Gross Mess: When you use traditional mouse traps, they often leave a bloody mess, which can often be a revolting experience. Now you can dispose of the dead rodent by simply picking the electric mouse trap up, opening the compartment and dumping the contents into the trash, without even looking.
  • Safety First: Built with safety in mind, it's impossible to shock yourself unless you shove your hand inside while it's switched off. Even if you do shock yourself, it isn't deadly to humans. 

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  • SAFETY WARNING: Please do not operate the electronic rodent zapper while small pets are present. Your cat, dog, hamster or other small pet can get electrocuted and killed! Keep away from children!

How To Use:

First, identify any location with mouse or rat activity and place the device there. Put some food inside and switch it on. That's it!

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Don't touch the botom of the device while it's switched on to avoid electrocution.

Package Contains:

  • 1 x Electronic Rat Trap
  • 1 x Power adapter


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