bun and bang hairstyle set
bun and bang
bun & bang hair
Hair Bun and Bang Set
Hair Bun and Bang Set
Hair Bun and Bang Set
Hair Bun and Bang Set
how to use bun and bang set
Hair Bun and Bang Set
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Hair Bun and Bang Set
Hair Bun and Bang Set

Hair Bun and Bang Set

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Now you can create a gorgeous and luscious bun and bang look in just a few seconds without going to expensive salons!

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It only takes a couple of minutes to snap them on and you'll get a professional bun and bang hairstyle right in the comfort of your own home!

bun and bang hairstyle

It's really simple to put on, just use the built-in snap on clips and attach it to your hair to create a fashionable look that'll impress everyone who sees it.

bun & bang

 Take your hairstyle to the next level and never look back!

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Bun and Bang Hairstyle Set Benefits

  • No More Salons: Now you can get this amazing hairstyle from the comfort of your own home. No more going to expensive salons!
  • Easy To Attach: Use the included securing clips to attach it in just a minute. You won't even see the scalp after attaching it!
  • Sturdy Hair: Our bun and bang set is heat-resistant, water-resistant and very durable. It doesn't wear out in just a few days!
  • Easy To Wash: Just wash it like you'd wash normal hair, after every 4-5 uses or if it seems in need of cleaning, and hang it to dry. It'll look brand new!
  • Stays On Strong: The snap bands and pins are incredibly strong so the hairstyle will stay on no matter if you're out partying and dancing or running a marathon!


How To Use:

Simply put it on and secure it to your head with the fastening clips, and you're good to go! It couldn't be easier!

What's Included:

  • 1 x Hair Bun and Bang Set
bun and bang one set