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Jar Opener - Gilhoolie
Jar Opener - Gilhoolie
Jar Opener - Gilhoolie
Jar Opener - Gilhoolie

Jar Opener - Gilhoolie

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Now you can open even the tightest lids and caps with absolute ease, with the Jar Opener - Gilhoolie!

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Invented by Dr. Charles W. Fuller, a retired dentist from Yonkers, New York, it's the only jar opener that can be adjusted to fit absolutely any lid size.

On top of being a jar file opener, it also lets you pop it under the lid to let the air fill the vacuum inside the jar, allowing you to open the jar with your bare hands. You can also use it as an easy bottle opener.

jar file opener

When it comes to opening stubborn jars and bottles, the Stainles Steel Gilhoolie Jar flexes its muscles so you don't have to. It even lets you reseal bottle crowns by simply crimping the caps with the adjustable jaws!

Jar Opener - Gilhoolie Benefits

  • Versatile: Easily opens all kinds of caps and lids, everything from screw-on jars to pry-off jars.
  • Robust: Made from pure stainless steel, it will last for several generations.
  • Reseals Caps: Crimp the caps with the special jaws to reseal the bottle.
  • Quick: How to open a pickle jar with this opener? It's pretty easy; adjust it to the size of the cap and press the lever! It only takes a few seconds!
  • Safe: There are no sharp edges at all!

How to open a jar with Gilhoolie:

instructions how to open a jar with gilhoolie opener

Simply adjust it to fit the lid, then press the lever as you twist the lid and voila! It can't be simpler than that to learn how to open jar files!


  • Size: Approx. 9" long

What's Included:

  • 1 x Jar Opener - Gilhoolie