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Leather Tooling Kit

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A proper sturdy leather tooling kit is an invaluable addition to any craftsman's or craftswoman's arsenal! Do more with much less effort!

leather tooling kit

The leather tool set includes all leather crafting essentials, such as a skiving knife, edge creaser, edge groover, awl, punch, and other instruments one might need for various leathercrafting projects and jobs.

leather tool set

On top of including all the necessary tools to make various leather crafts and works of art, we also include leather finger protection tips, for your safety and convenience!

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Each piece is made from durable high-quality materials and guarantees great service for years to come. This is simply the best leather tooling kit for both beginners and professionals at this low price point!

Full leather craft tool kit

Multipurpose Leather Repair Kit Benefits

  • All You Need: We include all necessary instruments in our leather craft tools kit to complete virtually any leatherworking project.
  • Robust: Our leather tool set is built to last and to stand the test of time; it won't crumble after a few jobs.
  • Versatile: Perfect for a variety of projects, like creating and repairing wallets, keychains, cardholders, leather seats, and so much more!
  • Best Value: Other big brand14-piece leather craft tool kit sets on the market cost hundreds of dollars and perform exactly the same.

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  • Model Number: Leather Craft Hand Stitching Sewing Tool 14 Pcs Set
  • Material: Wood+Metal
  • Flat wax rope length: 50 Meter (164 ft) (150D)

What's Included:

  • 1 x black pressure cloth tooth distance of 4 mm
  • 1 x log pressure cloth tooth distance of 2 mm
  • 1 x solid wood awl
  • 1 x straight head awl
  • 1 x hook the awl
  • 1 x hollow awl
  • 1 x Grooving device 
  • 1 x thimble
  • 1 x leather needle
  • 1 x ecru flat wax rope
  • 1 x black flat wax rope
  • 1 x coffee flat wax rope
  • 1 x scissors
  • 2 x Finger cots

leather tool set