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LockZ™ - Lock Pick Set Replacement Gun

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Calling a locksmith to get your door unlocked when you've misplaced the keys is an expensive and tedious process which can waste a ton of your time and money.

And if you don't want to get any outside help, learning how to operate a regular lock pick set properly takes ages!

With the LockZ Lock Pick Set Replacement Gun, you'll never have to call a locksmith again! You'll be able to open most pin and tumbler locks, as well as many padlocks in seconds without any help or experience at all, just by using this snap pick gun!


The LockZ Lock Pick Set Replacement Gun contains a strong and adjustable internal spring which can also unlock jammed doors. 

Otherwise known as a bump key or a snap gun lock pick, this lock picking tool is very small and discreet. You can carry it in your pocket or bag and also keep it in your car in case of any emergency where you get locked out of your place.



  • Never get locked out again: Simply insert the included strong metal pin inside any locked door and hold the lock pick snap gun above it to get started. Then, pull the lock pick gun's trigger and the needles will flick at the pins, unlocking the padlock or door in just a few seconds.


  • No lock picking experience necessary: With this beginner lock pick set gun, you don't need to be a professional lockpicker and you don't have to call for outside help. It's designed to be very beginner-friendly and all you need to do is insert it into the lock and rapily pull the trigger to activate the pins all at once and unlock what you want.


  • Strong metal frame design lasts forever: The lock picking gun is made from high-quality stainless steel with a lacquer coating, which prevents staining or rusting. This snap gun is designed to open at least 5000 locks before the spring needs adjusting.


  • Unlocks most locks: With this lock pick gun, you can unlock most pin and tumbler locks as well as padlocks. It will even unlock many car locks so you won't need to get an extra car lock pick set if you lock yourself out of your vehicle. 


  • Perfect for professionals: If you happen to be a locksmith who has to open many locks regularly, this snap gun can be an extremely valuable tool to save a lot of time.


Package Includes:

One Snap Gun Lock Pick Tool and One Set of Strong Metal Pins.

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