motorcycle helmet lock
Motorcycle Helmet Lock
best motorcycle helmet locks
Motorcycle Helmet Lock

Motorcycle Helmet Lock

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Prevent all would-be thieves from ever stealing your expensive bike headgear with our new high-tech Motorcycle Helmet Lock that sports an anti-tamper alarm!

Motorcycle Helmet Lock

It features a 32.3 inch tempered carbon steel cord that instantly triggers an incredibly loud 110dB alarm the moment someone tries to cut it or tamper with the lock itself. 

motorcycle helmet lock cable

The super loud alarm also triggers if someone tries to remove the battery cover or inputs the wrong code three times. best motorcycle helmet locksLock your helmet to your bike quickly and easily with one of the best motorcycle helmet locks on the market and never fear about thieves again!

Motorcycle Helmet Lock Benefits

  • Loud Alarm: The 110dB alarm will scare off would-be thieves and you'll know when someone tries to tamper with the lock.
  • Tough: The motorcycle helmet lock cable is tempered Carbon Steel so it's incredibly difficult to cut. And if someone tries to cut it, the alarm goes off instantly.
  • No Stress: Leave your helmet attached to your bike worry-free.
  • No Key: You open the lock with a number combination so there's no key to worry about.
  • Fits Multiple Helmets: The cord is long enough to attach two helmets to a bike.
  • How to lock helmet to motorcycle? Simply pull out the cord from the lock, wrap it around the vizor or any other part of the helmet, then attach it to your bike and lock the lock. That's it.


  • Alarm Loudness: 110dB
  • Material: Tempered Carbon Steel
  • Lock: Code lock
  • Cord Length: 32.3 inches

What's Included:

  • 1 x Motorcycle Helmet Lock
motorcycle helmet lock cord length