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Cordless Portable Handheld Sewing Machine

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Sew or mend your clothes or create beautiful artistry very quickly and easily, absolutely anywhere in the world, with the Cordless Portable Handheld Sewing Machine!

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Our Portable Handheld Sewing Machine is compact enough to fit comfortably into your hand, providing great control and easy operation. Its ease of use makes it an invaluable tool when you require simple solutions for quick on-the-spot jobs like clothing repairs and alterations.

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Our device is the perfect Singer handheld sewing machine alternative because it does the job just as well and doesn't cost an arm and a leg! It's also significantly more convenient and easier to use than bulky, full-sized sewing machines.

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Join the wonderfully delightful world of handheld sewing and take your skills to the next level! 

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Cordless Handheld Sewing Machine Benefits

  • Versatile: Work on clothes, curtains, bedsheets, stuffed toys, or various works of art!
  • Beginner to Master: Our Portable Handheld Sewing Machine is so convenient, easy to use and makes work so much easier that it's the perfect fit for both beginners or masters in sewing.
  • Works With Any Fabric: Great for cotton, silk, wool, leather, crafts, etc. Repair drapes without taking them down; repair clothing without taking it off; repair bedding without stripping the bed, and do so much more. 
  • Portable: It's a portable, compact, lightweight and practical quick-hitting tool. Perfect for tricky positioning that conventional machines cannot do. 
  • Great DIY Gift: Ideal gift for your friends who are interested in DIY great crafts.

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How To Use:

Follow our user manual which we include in the package to learn how to quickly thread the needle and you'll be ready to sew wirelessly in no time at all! 


  • Stitch Formation: Chain Stitch
  • Mechanical Configuration: Flat-Bed
  • Max. Sewing Thickness: 1.8MM
  • Power: 4 AA batterie(not included)
  • Weight: Approx 240g (0.53 lbs)
  • Stitch Length: 2-2.5MM
  • Feed Mechanism: Manual
  • Overall Dimensions: 8.07 x 2.63 x 1.26 inches (20.5 x 6.7 x 3.2cm)

What's included:

  • 1 x Spindle.
  • 1 x Needles.
  • 2 x Bobbins.
  • 1 x User Manual.
  • 1 x Needle Threader.
  • 1 x Mini Portable Handheld Sewing Machine.

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