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Portable Drill Bit Sharpener

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Give second life to your old and blunt drill bits in just a few minutes with the Portable Drill Bit Sharpener!

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There's no longer any need to buy an entire new set of drill bits or to spend lots of money on a professional sharpener because our drill sharpener does the job right in mere minutes! Without the hefty price tag!


how to sharpen a drill bit

It's the perfect helping tool for any handyman, constructor or DIY enthusiast!

You'll be able to use your favorite drill bits over and over, and over again - It's simply the easiest and best solution to restore your worn out drills without breaking your bank balance!

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Portable Drill Bit Sharpener Benefits

  • Indispensible: Makes sure all your drills are sharp as new and work like new! The perfect gift for any handyman!
  • Long-Lasting: Our wear-resistant corundum grinding wheel will make sure you can use your drill bits for many years to come.
  • Small and Portable: Easily fits into any toolbox, glove compartment, and even your jacket pocket.
  • Robust: Rust-proof, water-proof and dustproof for your convenience.
  • Impressive: Everyone will be asking you how to sharpen drill bits because you're doing it all so easily and so quickly! Impress all your friends and coworkers!

drill bit sharpener measurements

How to sharpen a drill bit:

Simply use your drill to rotate the 100 grit grindstone and press the bit against it for an instant sharp edge! That's exactly why our Portable Drill Bit Sharpener is the easiest answer for how to sharpen a drill bit.


  • Material: Corundum, ABS
  • Grinding Stone: 100 grit
  • Suitability: Accommodates drill sizes from 5/64 in. to 1/2 in.
  • Angle Stop Degrees: 60 degrees Left
  • Size: 7.28in x 1.57in (18.5cm x 4cm)
  • Color: Blue

What's included:

  • 1 x Portable Drill Bit Sharpener
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