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Selfie Light Ring For Phones - BrightMe™

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Having trouble taking bright, vivid and beautiful pictures in low-light surroundings? Then the Selfie Light Ring BrightMe™ is just the right thing for you!

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Our Selfie Light lets you take bright selfies no matter how dark it is. It provides a wide-angle lighting solution and makes all your pictures come out perfectly bright and colorful!

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A selfie ring light is ideal for when you're going out to nightclubs and bars with your friends and want to take lots of great pictures!

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It's time to take your selfie game to another level and wow all your friends at the same time with your brand new ring light selfie!

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Selfie Light Ring For Phones Benefits

  • Simple Setup: Simply snap our selfie light for phone onto any device you want and snap those perfectly bright and colorful selfies! It even works with most laptops and tablets.
  • Perfect Picture: Our selfie lights for phones are made with the perfect selfie picture in mind, which is why they extract all the colors of the scene and make sure you get the best picture every single time!
  • Long-Lasting: The powerful LED lights take up very little energy and will shine bright for ages!
  • Convenient: Our selfie phone lights are super small and fit just about anywhere; your purse, the glove compartment, your jacket pocket, or even inside your pant pockets!
  • Durable: Made from hardened plastic and energy-efficient LED lamps, they are built to last.

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How To Use:

Simply pop it onto your phone and it's ready to go! 


  • Size: 2.75 x 1.57 x 0.79 inches  (7 x 4 x 2cm)
  • Weight: 0.026 lbs (12g)
  • Brightness: Adjustable 3 levels
  • Compatibility: Works with ALL phones and most laptops/tablets

What's included:

  • 1 x Selfie Light Ring For Phones

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