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Soft & Stuffed Unicorn Pillow Pet

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Meet the magical cuddle Unicorn Pillow Pet that all the children fall in love with in an instant!

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Our unicorn can take the strongest of hugs and is perfect for taking a nap or going to bed with for the whole night! 

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It comes in four different sizes and is suitable for both children and whimsical adults who'd love a soft unicorn pillow plush toy and sleeping companion by their side! 

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It's the perfect gift for kids and adults who want a cushion, pillow or even just a friend!

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Soft & Stuffed Unicorn Pillow Pet Benefits

  • Super Cuddly: It's not just a pillow pet unicorn, it's also one of the cuddliest stuffed animals on the planet!
  • Super Soft: Made with a cotton blend material and PP filling that doesn't harden or turn to lumps.
  • Allergen Free: We use environmentally friendly hypoalergenic materials to ensure you don't get any allergic reaction.
  • Best Friend: Kids love this magical unicorn pillow pet and often fall asleep alongside it. It's the perfect sleeping companion!
  • Versatile: There are four distinct sizes to choose from; starting with small to extra large!

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  • Material: Eco-Friendly Cotton
  • Filling: PP Cotton blend
  • Sizes: 60cm(23.5"), 85cm(33.5"), 110cm(43") or 140cm(55")
  • Colors: White, Sky Blue, Yellow or Pink

What's Included:

  • 1 x Soft & Stuffed Unicorn Pillow Pet

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