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Woodworking Pocket Hole Jig Screw Joinery Drill

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Now you can drill the perfect hole every single time with the Woodworking Pocket Hole Jig - Screw Joinery Drill!

 pocket hole jig

Only the most skilled or naturally gifted woodworkers can drill the perfect hole every single time without a proper guide. For everyone else who doesn't want to waste time and just want to drill holes properly, our Pocket Hole Jig Joinery Drill is the perfect solution!

 kreg pocket hole jig

Our Kreg Pocket Hole Jig provides the easiest way to drill any-sized hole. You can even move the pocket hole jig continually for fast and quick work on your projects or at a job. It's the must-have tool for all woodworkers, DIYers and handymen!

pocket jig

Our Pocket Jig Hole Screw Tool allows you to perform one-handed alignments and lets you skip the hassle of measuring and marking when drilling corners or edge joints. Making your work easier and cutting worktime by half!

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Pocket Hole Jig Benefits

  • Durable and Robust: Made from tough and hardened plastic, it's not some brittle piece of equipment that'll crumble to dust after a couple of uses. Instead, it'll stand the test of time and will last for a very long time.
  • Easy Setting: It's easy to measure the thickness of the workpiece and set the pocket screw jig into position. The pocket hole joinery features 9 thickness measure settings, 9 jig position settings and 7 depth settings, allowing to join board thickness from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches in every 1/8-inch.
  • Appropriate Angle: The pocket hole drill has an appropriate angle of 15 degrees which minimizes the pocket hole size.
  • Edge to Edge: This Pocket Hole Jig Joinery Drill allows for easy work with edge to edge, T, and edge to corner joints.
  • Adaptable: The pocket hole adapts to 6, 8, and 10mm drills. 

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  • Material: Hardened Plastic + Metal
  • Color: Yellow 
  • Wood Dowel Sizes: 6*40mm/8*40mm/10*40mm
  • Drill Bushing Sizes : 6mm/8mm/10mm

What's included:

  • 1 x Woodworking Pocket Hole Jig Screw Joinery Drill
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